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About Us


The Restaurant

Located in the bustling city of Hong Kong, this private kitchen offers a unique dining experience like no other. The focus here is on new American cuisine with special emphasis placed on pescatarian dishes, providing a healthy and refreshing twist on traditional American fare. What sets this kitchen apart is the chefs, who come from diverse backgrounds in architecture and fashion, bringing a keen eye for design and creativity to the table. With a penchant for detail and quality, everything is made to order from scratch, ensuring the utmost freshness and flavor. The intimate setting offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience, with only one table served per day, making it a truly niche operation.

Our Kitchen

Cooking is not just about following recipes or preparing meals. It is an art, a way of expressing ourselves and unleashing our creativity in the kitchen. With a background in design, we bring this creative vision into our cooking, taking inspiration from my travels and memories to invent new dishes that are experimental, fun, and nostalgic. Our ethos is that cooking is an opportunity to explore, to challenge ourselves and to have fun in the process. Each dish tells a story, a personal journey, and reflects the unique flavors and personalities of the places visited. Creativity in the kitchen is not just about the taste, but also about the visual presentation, textures, and the overall experience of enjoying a meal that is both delicious and memorable.

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